Diana Cole

As a professional singer, Diana Cole, sang in many foreign languages. Rather than use translations that were at times awkward or inaccurate in her program notes, she began to write her own versions. This led to a fascination with poetry and the difference a word can make. She was inspired to write her own poems and so began a passion for writing.


Between Selves

Published in 2023 by Cyberwit.net

The poetry exudes from the rhythms of memory, acts of recounting and recovering, perception and evocation….

— William Doreski,
Author: The Modern Voice in American Poetry

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Songs By Heart

Published in 2018 by Iris Press

These are poems that dismiss out of hand the consolations of the “endless serene.” Instead, these poems opt for purpose, energy, engagement with the real.

— Fred Marchant,
Author: Said Not Said

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To the Marrow

Published in 2023 by cyber wit.net

In a number of elegant short poems, Diana Cole provides close observation of the natural world and human nature

— James Cronin,
Author: Event Boundaries

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Beached Whales

Mortality weighs heavily on me.
—John Keats

Shoulder to shoulder
they call and call to cry,
slide onto the sand,
slack and massive,
their sleek assurance
withering in air.

With our pails

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The Conditional Case for Conviction

— for George Floyd

Nothing can be true, so the dog barks all night
missing the man who feeds him.

Into the fire go the stars. If the garbage is collected
in the morning, the moon will go too.

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